Using SORBS with Stalker CommunigatePro.

1. Start the web-based CommuniGate Pro admin interface.
2. Click the "Settings" button in the left column.
3. Click the "Protection" sub-button in the left column.
4. Log in with Server's admin account when prompted.
5. In the top row, click the "Blacklisted IP Addresses" link.
6. In the resulting page, if not already checked, activate the checkbox next to the text saying "Use Blacklisting DNS Servers (RBLs)".
7. In the same section on the page, type the "" (or any other RBL) into the empty form field. (You can add only one RBL at a time.)
8. Scroll down the page until you see the "Update" button, click on it to make changes "stick".
9. Page refreshes to show your new settings - YOU'RE DONE, or go back to line 7. to add more.

Apparently the following disclaimer should always be provided with the above instructions.

DISCLAIMER: These instructions are given on "as-is" basis, you will be using them at your own risk! NOTHING CAN SUPPLEMENT GOOD PRACTISE OF BACKING UP IMPORTANT SERVER FILES PRIOR TO ANY ADMINISTRATION CHANGES TO THEM! If you're unable to understand any of these instructions and/or for any other procedures you may need - STOP and first refer to your Server's Online Documentation to familiarize yourself with the process of Server administration.

Thanks to Slobodan Tabakovich for the info.

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