This FAQ explains how to use and who may use the SORBS Self-Service Management tools.

To use the User, Network, and Report Manager you need to have networks defined for your use. Networks can only be added to your account by a SORBS administrator in the first instance, however once you have a network defiend you can allocate permissions on it, or a subnet of it, to other peoples accounts as you need to.

How to get Networks Defined/Allocated to you.
To get a network defined for your use you need to be the ISP or Company/Corporate contact for the network you are requesting.

Authorised contacts are people who are named/identified in the public RIR services (eg: ARIN, APNIC or RIPE.) If you are not the authorised contact for a network you wish to control you will have to contact a person in your organisation who is an authorised contact and ask them to email us directly. In these cases the network will usually be assigned to an account associated with the contact, and then they will be able to allocate the network or a part of it with various permissions to yourself. In the event that the person does not have an account or in the event that the person wishes to assign complete control to yourself or another person they will need to negotiate the terms of the assignment with SORBS Support staff (this is not a recommended way forward, but SORBS understands the reasons why this might be more suitable.)

To gain access to the network manager you must start by downloading the Network Manager Access Agreement from the managers information page. This document has a couple of requirements:
  • It must be signed by an officer of the company (eg: CEO, Board, or Managing Director/Owner) as it is a legal document.
  • It must be faxed to +1 408 716-2927, scan and email submission cannot be accepted. The original should, after being accepted into the program, be sent by postal mail to:

    SORBS Manager Access Program, Proofpoint, Inc. 892 Ross Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA
    Please keep a copy for your records.

First Time Users Guide.
For first time users of the Netmanager interface there is a basic overview/guide available. Please review the Management Interface User Guide if you are a first time user of the systems.

The User Manager, how to assign networks to other users.
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The Network Manager, how to update your network usage listings.
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The Report Manager, how to define networks that you wish to receive instant reports for.
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